It’s behind you

Many of our members use a handlebar mounted mirror. While these don’t take away the need to look back when riding so as to make a”rearward observation” or to carry out the final “lifesaver” before making a manouver, they are very handy especially if you are leading a ride.

Members who have them are often asked what type of mirror we use.

B&M Cycle Star 901/2

Most of the members with mirrors riding dropped handle bar bicycles use the Busch & Muller  Cycle Star Mirror model 901/2. This is specifically for dropped bars. It is 60mm in diameter , is shatterproof, and provides a good clear image which does not suffer from vibration. It is of high quality B&M make mirrors for BMW.


If you have flat bars it might be worth looking at the B&M Cycle Star Mirror Large 901/3 which has a firm spring loaded mounting arm.

B&M Cycle Star 901/3


There are obviously other mirrors from B&M and other makers both Blackburn and Cateye offer mirrors of different types but not many of our members use these.