Even though it is winter lots is still happening

Fortunately we haven’t had many icy days and Stourbug members have been riding on almost every day, in fact since the start of November the club has staged over 80 rides. Wrapped up warm with the prospect of a hot cuppa and a butty in a cosy cafe somewhere on route winter riding is still fun.


Rides will continue throughout the winter we alway hope that snow and ice don’t appear, and even if it does many of our “off roaders’ will still ride.

With the holiday season freeing time for many we expect to be busy, In fact on the 16 December over 60 riders will take part in our annual Holly Ride. These are typically relaxed and end at a hostelry where we can catch up and start the Christmas celebrations.

If you fancy a ride why not get in touch with Sally our hard working and wonderful Membership Secretary by going the Contact Page