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Why do we sometimes ride side by side?

Every now and again someone is annoyed by cyclists riding two abreast. “Its illegal, you are taking up all the road, you don’t pay tax” are all comments that get thrown about.

In fact it isn’t illegal and in many places it is a recommended thing to do, as this video explains



Even though it is winter lots is still happening

Fortunately we haven’t had many icy days and Stourbug members have been riding on almost every day, in fact since the start of November the club has staged over 80 rides. Wrapped up warm with the prospect of a hot cuppa and a butty in a cosy cafe somewhere on route winter riding is still fun.


Rides will continue throughout the winter we alway hope that snow and ice don’t appear, and even if it does many of our “off roaders’ will still ride.

With the holiday season freeing time for many we expect to be busy, In fact on the 16 December over 60 riders will take part in our annual Holly Ride. These are typically relaxed and end at a hostelry where we can catch up and start the Christmas celebrations.

If you fancy a ride why not get in touch with Sally our hard working and wonderful Membership Secretary by going the Contact Page

It’s behind you

Many of our members use a handlebar mounted mirror. While these don’t take away the need to look back when riding so as to make a”rearward observation” or to carry out the final “lifesaver” before making a manouver, they are very handy especially if you are leading a ride.

Members who have them are often asked what type of mirror we use.

B&M Cycle Star 901/2

Most of the members with mirrors riding dropped handle bar bicycles use the Busch & Muller  Cycle Star Mirror model 901/2. This is specifically for dropped bars. It is 60mm in diameter , is shatterproof, and provides a good clear image which does not suffer from vibration. It is of high quality B&M make mirrors for BMW.


If you have flat bars it might be worth looking at the B&M Cycle Star Mirror Large 901/3 which has a firm spring loaded mounting arm.

B&M Cycle Star 901/3


There are obviously other mirrors from B&M and other makers both Blackburn and Cateye offer mirrors of different types but not many of our members use these.


Do you do “The Dutch Reach”?

Between 2011 and 2015, 3108 people were injured, eight fatally by car dooring. While 65% of these were cyclists, the rest were walkers, motorcyclists or passengers, so even among your non-cycling friends and family, it’s worth getting them to change their habits when opening their car doors by using a simple technique called “The Dutch Reach”

The video below shows what its all about.

The BBC also has an interesting article here



Tweed Ride to “The French Hen”

On the penultimate day of the Tour de France it seemed apt to ride to “The French Hen” in Clent, as it was the date was a pure coincidence. In lovely weather some of our members met at the town clock in Stourbridge for a leisurely ride. There were a mix of bikes (a growing number of members are buying and restoring old machines), and clothing.

The “peloton” attracted a great deal of attention as it made its way to its lunch time stop.

It was a grand day and although there were some sudden downpours as a few people rode home this didn’t spoil the fun.

It shows what a varied and welcoming club Stourbug is. Plans for another Tweed Ride are already on people’s minds.

Mallorcan Holiday


On 23rd April 31 of our members flew out to Port de Pollensa for a week of cycling in the sunshine.


There was one rainy day but many sought solace in the local Pinarello bike shop where gleaming new bikes were drooled over and new jerseys, gloves, shorts and jackets were bought.



The highlight of the week for many came on Wednesday when the hardest climb on the island ‘Sa Calobra’ was conquered.

This 6.5 mile descent was thrilling for many and scary for some but all succeeded in reaching the stunning beach at the bottom. After a quick pit stop it was back up the 6.5 mile winding mountain road. It was a steady climb for most and the sense of achievement at the summit was amazing. It was a day never to be forgotten.

Some days had several groups going their separate ways. Some cycled around the local lanes, ending up in quaint villages where a couple of hours were spent sampling the local ale whilst soaking up the sunshine. Several members braved the Mediterranean too!

Over the course of the week hundreds of miles were covered by the group. We also happened to be on holiday at the time of the Mallorcan 312 cycling event. This took place on the last day of our holiday. One of our members had entered the 312km race of which there were 6,000 entrants. James did us proud and finished in good time. Several of us arose early to cheer the cyclists on as they passed our hotel. It was certainly a sight to behold and has spurred some to enter in 2018.

Evenings usually meant an early night for most after a busy day however there were some ‘propping’ up the hotel bar until late and a few ‘ladies’ had a good singsong and dance on one occasion.

All in all it was a brilliant holiday, enjoyed by all and something that we hope to repeat next year.




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