There is so much happening in our 10th Anniversary Year

As well as an active programme of rides on most days of the week some special events are being organised for our members to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.

On the 14th May a series of rides will visit Cookley for a celebration with free food and drink on offer places are filling up fast
On the June 4 one of our members has arranged a Cycle Treasure Hunt, designed to test brain power rather than cycling speed it will challenge teams of 4 who are aiming to win vouchers to spend at Wiggle. The winning team will be those who solve the clues with the lowest amount of penalty points. Score weighting will be geared towards finding the answers not by racing around the route – the winners will be the team who use their grey matter rather than those who can simply pedal faster.



Then on July 8 a challenge ride from Stratford on Avon is planned, some members will ride there and back, others will be transported to the start, and another group is turning the event into a two day tour, staying at Stratford overnight before returning on the Saturday. What ever happens we expect to make a big impression when we return to Stourbridge


Details of all of the events can be found on the clubs forum, and are only open to members.



It’s not too late to join, making use of the discounted membership that is available for people joining after April 1st.






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