Hello, my name is Sally and I am the membership secretary.


If you are interested in finding out more about the club or would like to join please send me a message at the address shown on the “blackboard”







We operate via a private forum which only paid up members can access. However, I will set you up with visitor access for a short period of time if you contact me to express interest in joining.

Each member of Stourbug  will be required to hold insurance as a minimum from a cycling organisation. Currently Cycling UK and British Cycling Federation insurances are acceptable, as these provide  a minimum of £10m third party cover. In some cases we will ask that a copy of the policy document is lodged with the Membership Secretary. We insist on this so that all of our members are protected when cycling in a group.

You can join them as a full member of Cycling UK, or as an affiliate member as part of Stourbug. (For the latter you will need detail of our CUK membership number)


In the first instance please contact me. I will send you full details and links needed to further progress your membership application.


Please note, if you already have your own insurance you won’t need to buy ours. You must however provide your membership number in the appropriate place on our payment page.


I look forward to hearing from you soon









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