15th Anniversary

Stourbug’s 15th Anniversary Event – 30th April 2022

Today, Saturday 30th April 2022 saw the members Stourbug celebrate the 15th year since the cycling group, Stourbug, was formed. Around 100 members started from various locations around Stourbridge, made their way on different routes, led by our excellent team of volunteer ride leaders. A total of nine rides were arranged with the objective of meeting up at Cookley Sports Centre .

Ang       Jacqui      Kaye      Caroline      Sye

Angela Lea headed up the challenge of organising the 15th Anniversary event by finding a suitable venue for the celebration, arranging the buffet and making sure that everything was where it needed to be including the collection of the cakes. She was ably assisted on the day by Kaye Radford, Caroline Livesey and Jacqui Thomas.
When there are almost 100 members inside, there are a lot of bikes outside. Sye James, 
assisted by Angela’s husband, Jim ensured that the bikes were safe.
Without Angela and her band of helpers, the Anniversary event would not have been the success it proved to be.

The intentions of the event was to celebrate the 15th Anniversary but also to get our many club members out cycling after the events of the previous two years with Covid. This was definitely a success as we had almost 100 members who got on their bikes and joined one of the rides that the Stourbug ride leaders organised. In doing this, the members cycled over 2200 miles that day. What did help was that the weather, although cool to start with, warmed up nicely with the sun shining for the event. 

The cakes that were created  were brilliantly designed and decorated and tasted wonderful and we must thank Gail Walker for a fabulous providing them.

It is essential to say a big thank you to all the members who make the club what it is today and long may it continue to grow in the future. A thank you also goes to our volunteer ride leaders who organise rides with them being run almost every day of the week. We are an inclusive club and we do not leave members behind, we go out together and come back together.

Finally thank you to all the members who were able to attend the Anniversary Event on 30th April 2022 where we also remembered two members who contributed their time and experiences to Stourbug along with their love of cycling but are no longer with us, Andy Thompson and Sam Boley.