Guidelines – Cycling In Traffic.

1. Road Conduct Guidelines When Cycling In Traffic

You will find that cycling in a group is great fun but different from cycling on your own. To enjoy your ride in safety we would ask that you observe the following points when on a Stourbug ride:-

  • Know the Highway Code and cycle to it at all times.
  • Look over your shoulder before starting to move and when changing position on the road. Some members do have small handlebar mirrors but these are not a substitute for the shoulder check as vehicles will not see you looking down at the mirror but will see your head turn to do a shoulder check and hopefully warn them to be more cautious when passing you.
  • Change positions carefully giving clear hand signals in good time before moving to your desired position on the road. Do not feel intimidated by vehicles behind you.
  • When overtaking a line of traffic, pass them on their right hand side.
  • Ride in single file on busy roads where it will aid traffic to pass you safely.
  • Where it would not be safe for a vehicle to pass, indicate in good time and move to the primary position (centre of the lane) to prevent a vehicle from passing dangerously.
  • Never ride more than two abreast.
  • Do not cut corners or bends when you are unable to see around them.

Stay Safe. Happy Cycling.