Guidelines – E-bikes

6. Guidelines Regarding E-Bikes

You will find that cycling in a group is great fun but different from cycling on your own. To enjoy your ride in safety we would ask that you observe the following points when on a Stourbug ride:-

  • E-bikes are welcomed by Stourbug but must comply with the requirements outlined in the Constitution.
  • Please read the manufacturers manual and websites on how to use and maintain your e-bike before you use it. Avoid spraying water near electrical components as will be detailed in the manufacturers manual.
  • Practice riding your e-bike before joining an organised Stourbug ride. Speak to members who have an e-bike to see if they can help you to get used to your e-bike.
  • You need to be able to control the power settings correctly on your e-bike.
  • E-bikes are heavier than the bike you may be used to so get accustomed to the extra weight and the general handling of your e-bike.
  • When starting off, the acceleration of an e-bike may be quicker than other bikes around you so leave plenty of space to ensure you do not come into contact with other members. Remember to do your shoulder check before moving off.
  • E-bikes can take longer to stop due to their increased weight so always make sure that you are able to stop within the distance between you and the person in front.
  • Due to the provision of assistance, an e-bike can potentially move at a greater speed than drivers would expect and therefore when approaching a junction, pay particular attention to vehicles emerging from the side road and even when you have eye contact with the driver, be prepared to stop or take evasive action. This is especially the case when ascending steep inclines.
  • When ascending inclines, non-e-bikes will slow down while you will accelerate up the incline. When overtaking slower riders, remember to do a shoulder check to ensure that you do not move out into the path of a vehicle or another e-bike. Make sure you warn a slower cyclist that you are passing them by calling, “On your right”.
  • After an incline, however slight, it may be necessary for the e-biker to wait for other members to catch up. Stop in a suitable location beyond the top where you can easily be seen, (NOT just over the crest of the hill) and preferably off the road in a lay-by or entrance to a field.
  • When cycling “on some-ones wheel” (as in pro-peletons) at a speed of around the 15.5mph limit, be aware that if the speed drops below the 15.5mph limit speed, the assistance may kick in, potentially propelling you into the rear of the bike you are following.
  • Ensure that your e-bike battery is capable of completing the ride that you have added your name to. Ideally, a small reserve of battery life is preferable to account for diversions on the route. Keep your e-bike battery charged so that it is ready for your next ride.
  • On a ride, it is advisable to use the ‘Economy” or “Eco” setting to maximise the life of the battery on a ride and hence maximise the distance that is achievable.
  • Always ride your e-bike within your limits.
Stay Safe. Happy Cycling.