Guidelines – Other Factors When Cycling

5. Guidelines Regarding Other Factors To Consider When Cycling

You will find that cycling in a group is great fun but different from cycling on your own. To enjoy your ride in safety we would ask that you observe the following points when on a Stourbug ride:-

  • Cycle using a high cadence rate by selecting lower gears as this will reduce the effort required to move the bike forward.
  • Be courteous to other road users.
  • Slow down for horses and make contact by talking to the rider.
  • Primarily concentrate on the ride but do enjoy your cycling and feel free to chat with other members but not at the expense of being aware of what is going on around you.
  • The effort required to move the bike forward can be affected by having incorrectly inflated tyres. Check the pressures using a pump with a gauge and ensure that the tyres are inflated to the pressure recommended by either the manufacturer of the bike, the wheel or the tyre.
  • During a rainy period, the roads can get very muddy and wet and cycling kit can be expensive. Use mudguards to minimise mud and water being sprayed onto your kit, but also your colleagues kit and your colleagues face. It is all about courteous cycling.
  • The clothing you use to cycle in does not have to cost the earth. It does, however, need to be comfortable and functional.
  • Cotton is the worst material to wear as it absorbs sweat and rain and you will then get cold.
  • Use many layers of thin, breathable fabrics as you can then remove the layers as you heat up.
  • Pedals come in various forms with many members opting for clipless pedals and cycling shoes.  Many do also use flat pedals and trainers. It is down to your preference but members who are clipless can help in the transition if required.
  • Shoe laces must be tied and securely constrained to prevent them from becoming tangled around the crank, pedals or chain as this can cause your bike to stop suddenly and without warning for those following you.
  • Keep your bike clean and lubricated, ready for the next ride.

Stay Safe. Happy Cycling.