Membership Gift

Do you have a family member, a family friend or a special friend who you wish to provide a gift of membership to a cycling club. Here at Stourbug, we have created a personalised voucher that you can present to that special person.

The voucher can be used immediately to enable that special person to start cycling with Stourbug on the many cycle rides organised by the club.

The voucher could even be a present to a current member of the club as a gift which can be used to pay for the following years membership.

You do not need to be a member of Stourbug to purchase a personalised Membership Gift for someone else. You just need to have a desire to make someone else’s day.

The personalised voucher can be obtained by emailing Eric, the Membership Secretary at whereupon it will be printed with the name of your choice.

The cost of the voucher is currently £10.00 which will provide membership up until March of following year. 

Members are required to have 3rd Party Liability insurance to cycle with Stourbug which can be obtained from either Cycling UK or British Cycling.