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26th August 2022


The use of e-bikes is becoming more widespread amongst all people in society who are using  the urban type e-bike through to mountain e-bikes and road e-bikes.

Stourbug is encouraging this trend by welcoming e-bikes onto our rides and indeed many of our members are using them for a number of reasons but mainly to keep themselves active in a sport that they enjoy.

There are a number of rules around e-bikes that must, however, be adhered to when riding the bike on public roads.

  • The bike must be an electrically assisted pedal cycle where the pedals are its primary method of propulsion.
  • The motor must have a maximum output of 250 watts.
  • The motor assistance must not exceed a speed of 15.5mph.
Stourbug has reiterated these rules in its Constitution and where a member is found to have an e-bike that do not meet those requirements, they would be unable to participate on any club rides until it has been demonstrated that the e-bike does meet these requirements.

If the bike does not comply with the above requirements, the bike is also deemed to be illegal.
Stourbug does require all members to have insurance cover and generally, club members join either Cycling UK or British Cycling whereupon they receive cycling insurance.

If, however, the e-bike is deemed to be illegal and is being used on public roads, their insurance with 
Cycling UK or British Cycling would deemed null and void so in a situation where an accident or damage occurs, the member would be personally liable for any costs that arise.

There are more guidelines regarding cycling e-bikes which can be found in ‘Guidelines About Cycling’ under ‘Members Corner’ or here in ‘Guidelines – E-Bikes‘.